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The Leadership Team would like to congratulate nG Dalali, nG KiNG ZEUS, and Tactfully on their promotion to First Lieutenant!  Effective immediately they are responsible for leading the Xbox 360 Call of Duty Division. All three will report directly to Dominus, CambotheHood, and Judah.  All questions regarding recruiting, rules, etc directly related to this division are to be directed to these three.

Help Wanted!

[GEN] nG Dominus BAMF posted Aug 7, 14
We are looking to fill a few positions:

-Social Media Coordinators (2 people)
-Marketing Coordinator

If you have any experience in either of these please contact nG Dominus either on XBL or on Line Messenger (dominusMAX1MUS).

Winner of our July recruiting contest is ZUES TEH KING!  ZUES can be found on 360 and XB1 playing Call of Duty and TitanFall.  And yes, he is aware his name is misspelled lol. ONWARD!

How long till ill get in?
Welcome bro!
A big thanks to nG Dominus and nG Cambothehood for the tryouts last night. Excited to be part of the Nameless Gaming Community !
and does anyone have $20usd?
anyone have bf3 premium?
You do not have access to shout
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