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[GEN] nG Dominus BAMF posted Jul 23, 14
First member to comment below will receive a Destiny Beta key for Xbox One!
[PVT] Glideiator I guess I'm the first? ...

Recruiting Contest!

[GEN] nG Dominus BAMF posted Jul 8, 14

We are giving away a $50 Xbox Gift Card to the member who has the highest referral count by July 31.  The new member must put your gamertag down as their referral on the application.  Applicants can apply directly at  Good luck!

1.  xBLACKx5HADOWx (3)
     ZUES TEH KING (3)
      Glideiator (3)
2.  KETCHUP HEAD123 (2)    
3.  nG Decimation (1)
     X KuZ W3 caN X (1)
     Im Dark Phantom
     SaintzOP (1)
     Mystic X Skill (1)

Ghosts received a patch update today with some expected and some unexpected.  Some notables:

  1. Bizon and CBJMS were nerfed
  2. Faster ADS for the Vepr
  3. Thermobarics reduce health to 50% in Hardcore modes
  4. Improved spawns in TDM, KC, Cranked, and Blitz
  5. New game mode added: Reinforce

Just submitted, when will I find out if I'm in?
i send request plz see it soon thanks
No, we don't have a PC squad at this time. It could be something to consider for the future.
and is there a PC squad for nG
What happens if contest ties
You do not have access to shout
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